Services + Rates

Movement Classes

The body is wonderfully adept at unwinding the chronic patterns that lead to dis-ease when given a framework to explore. Classes are taught to reconnect the parts to the whole. Investigating our movement patterns and exploring the kinks in our system through varying movements, breathing techniques, and self-massage, we’ll unravel the tension that brings us discomfort. This is a playful, liberating and highly attentive class structure. 

Sahaja S P A C E   |   2007 Chapel Hill Road, Durham

Somatics + Self Care  |  Mondays at 9am | $11-18  Drop-in

Tonal Agility |  Fridays at 9am | $11-18  Drop-in

Sign up here: Sahaja S P A C E 

Living Arts Collective   |    410 W Geer Street, Durham

Contact Improvisation  |  Tuesdays at 6pm

$20  Drop-in

Flowjo   |    100 Brewer Lane, Carrboro  

Ease + Efficiency  | 1st + 3rd Thursdays at 6pm

$20  Drop-in

Bodywork Sessions

All bodywork sessions are tailored to your specific goals, concerns and desires. We use a whole-body approach when performing bodywork. As such, a mix of styles will be used throughout each session. Because of this integrated style, sessions incorporate bodywork, movement patterning, discussion on wellness, and other areas of interest.

I also offer sliding scale sessions. Please refer to the Sliding Scale section for more information.

80 minute session – $115

($5 discount if paid in cash)

50 minute session – $85

($5 discount if paid in cash)

Personal Training & Movement Privates

Private movement and personal training sessions are 55 minutes in length. Each session is tailored to your specific goals, such as improving posture; core strength; greater ease in movement; nightly chill-out routine.

Sessions include a check-in, self-massage with therapy balls, breath work, a focused movement sequence and an optional 5-10 minutes of thai-style bodywork to close out the session.

55 minute session – $85


NeuroMuscular Reprogramming

We will look at your patterns of movement, posture and any areas of discomfort to improve the way you move. NeuroMuscular Reprogramming addresses common muscular imbalances with a series of muscle testing and sequencing to reorganize the body for effective, efficient movement.

Myofascial Therapy

Slow, steady and therapeutic. I’m not a meat grinder and respect the rate at which your tissue opens up, moves and releases. This style has less to do with pressure and more to do with presence. Great for chronically stuck spots.

Cupping Therapy

Part of Chinese Medicine adapted for modern styles of bodywork, silicon and/or glass cups of varying sizes are placed on the body to create negative pressure. They lift the skin and muscle using suction. Great for increasing blood flow, breaking up adhesions and allowing for some breathing room in your movement.

Movement Therapeutics

Assisted stretching, dynamic range of motion and personalized plans to keep your body moving and grooving.

Sliding Scale Sessions

To make bodywork available to everyone that could benefit from the work, pay-what-you-can sessions will be offered each month. This is not charity, nor is it a free session. I value the work we do together, and fully understand that the financial commitment is part of that value. I also understand the struggle with balancing self-care with bills, student loans and life expenses. If you’d like to receive work, or continue with our sessions, and feel you cannot afford the standard rates, please email me and I will add you to my list of sliding scale sessions.

Sliding scale range

50 minute session — $35-85+

80 Minutes Session — $75-115+