Sustainer Membership


vigor + vim is creating a program to subsidize care for marginalized groups.

Care will come in the following forms:

 — Selfcare courses — Massage + Bodywork — Somatics — Wellness Coaching —

With your help, we can:

  • Subsidize bodywork and massage for 3-6 people per week
  • Provide free, on-site classes and massage services for local non-profits, POC run businesses, and schools
  • Partner with local LGBTQ+ Centers to offer free monthly classes for our queer community
  • Grow the initiative to include other marginalized groups

A community fund is built through ongoing support and commitment. We will release our total funding level and what that fund allows us to do.

How your monthly support helps:

At $100 per month:
  • Subsidize one full bodywork/massage session per month
  • Pay for 9 class spots for community members in need
  • Offer a monthly self-care and supportive community class for the queer community
  • Provide 1.5 hours of on-site massage and bodywork for local non-profits and organizations
  • Subsidize 1/2 of a full bodywork/massage session per month
  • Pay for 5 class spots for community members in need
  • Partner with non-profits to offer one-on-one wellness coaching
  • Pay for studio rental space to offer free community classes
  • Grow the community fund to offer sliding scale rates for dancers and artists
  • Pay for a class spots a member of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Provide ongoing support to dancers and artists through discounted private sessions

Thank you for your support! Check back here monthly for a recap of how much money the sustainer membership has grown and all the services and financials of operating the program.