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Regular Client

Michael M. says: I’ve been seeing Christopher twice a month for nearly two years, and I couldn’t be happier. He is compassionate, skilled and engaging. No two sessions are the same as he actually responds to the needs of your person at each and every session. I love his approach and his spirit, and I hope to remain under his care for many years to come

I melted into a puddle of love
Lori P. says: I’ve had a bunch of great massages and a few absolutely terrible ones over the years but my session with Chris ranks up there with the best. He has the most loving hands and demeanor and will take the time to listen to you and your body and give it exactly what it needs. I would recommend Chris to anyone and can’t wait to go back.


Knowledgeable and gifted
Anna J. says: My massage was the best part of my month! Chris took the time to figure out what I wanted from the experience, and gave me advice for avoiding tension with my posture in my daily activities at the end. He is gentle and definitely has a gift as well as extensive knowledge about the body. He put me at ease with his demeanor as well as with his touch.


Olivia G. says: This was a wonderful and well needed massage. I was able to book a massage in the evening which worked very well for my schedule. Christopher was able to work out some very deep stress in my muscles through various techniques. What moved me the most was the time and care he took with me before we started to understand where I was with my mind and body so that he could customize the massage to my needs in the moment. I was VERY impressed and will be returning as soon as I can. Thank you Christopher! Highly recommended!


Never going anywhere else!
Emily N. says: Man Vigor + Vim really provides an environment that really facilitates total relaxation. I was able to trust fully in Chris’s extensive knowledge of the human body and experience to know that he would be able to help me deal with ongoing issues. I am never going anywhere else and I can’t wait until our next session!.


Full of love
Morgan S. says: Thank you so much, Christopher, for a wonderful massage that helped me in so many ways: relaxation as well as healing for injuries. I really appreciate the calm energy you bring to your practice as well as the love. I also loved the vibe of the room that you use. See you again soon!
Super focused, personalized attention
Chester B. says: I told Christopher what was ailing me and he went directly to the source of my discomfort. He was very intuitive about what my body needed and really gave devoted attention to my body. I would recommend his services to anyone!
Greatly Appreciated!
Pat D. says: My session with Christopher was much needed and greatly appreciated! Christopher followed the line of discomfort in my body like a seasoned therapist. I felt the tension melt with his expert pressure and attention. I was able to regain a much larger range of motion in my joints and feel the ease in some very contracted muscles. Thank you Christopher!
I feel human again!
Giovanni d. says: What an excellent experience I had yesterday with Christopher! I cannot wait to go back, it feels great to move freely without pain. My shoulders have never felt better. Many thanks to Christopher for his professionalism, knowledge, expertise. I highly recommend Vigor & Vim!!
Kate M. says: Chris combines a real, in-tune energetic presence that can’t be learned or taught with intelligence and education about anatomy and health. The result is the best massage I’ve ever had–everything gets re-aligned and re-balanced.
Rachel W. says: Christopher’s professionalism and knowledge was a comfort and helped me be at ease. He explained his techniques in detail and “checked in” often. Enjoyed my first cupping and will definitely do it again! Thanks, Christopher!!
Fabulous & Friendly 
Ellie B. says: Christopher has helped me learn about and appreciate my body and movement. A session is like a step out of time and I always emerge energized and confident. I recommend the cupping!
Revivified with Vigor & Vim!
Meg G. says: What an excellent practice. After each session I feel clear and expansive! So thankful for Vigor & Vim. Chris is an excellent therapist who always knows exactly how to work with whatever I’m going through physically or emotionally, and I always leave feeling better. It’s obvious when you first meet him that he is a well-trained professional. His office space is gorgeous and he is clear and focused when working. I often find myself recommending Vigor & Vim.
Intuitive customized massage
Phoebe R. says: Christopher is extremely intuitive and always customizes my sessions to be exactly what my body needs. He is professional, knowledgable, and focused and my favorite therapist over the past 20 years I have been getting bodywork.